ADEN Staff

Mary Lynn ReVoir
ADEN Co-Director

Mary Lynn ReVoir has spent the past 36 years developing and operating programs to improve opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Currently, ReVoir serves in two capacities for National Disability Institute, as Co-Director for the American Dream Employment Network (ADEN) and Manager of Community Tyze. These positions reflect her area of expertise in community-based services and national recognition as a subject matter expert about the Ticket to Work program. ReVoir has provided technical assistance to Ticket to Work service providers in more than 30 states during her tenure as the Ticket Coordinator for the Disability Employment Initiative (DEI) project with National Disability Institute, and as a previous Senior Account Manager for the Operating Support Manager of the Ticket to Work program. 

ReVoir brings eight years of experience in the public workforce system, having served as the Iowa State Lead for the U.S. Department of Labor Disability Navigator program for five years. In 2007, she developed one of the first administrative workforce Employment Networks, the Iowa State Workforce Partners Employment Network, on behalf of eight state agencies. This model was recognized as a national leader in the field and as one of the most successful workforce Employment Networks nationally. During this time, ReVoir was often invited by the Social Security Administration and U.S. Department of Labor to assist with program development, and providing input from the direct operational level. She became certified as a Work Incentive Practitioner from Cornell University in 2012.   

Prior to 2003, ReVoir was the Executive Director of a private provider for individuals with disabilities for 17 years in Iowa. As Executive Director, she developed a menu of services for children and adults with intellectual or development disabilities. Her agency was one of the first in the state to become certified in Home and Community-Based Services and is credited with the creation of innovative non-traditional services, including in-home respite services for families with a child with a disability. ReVoir was instrumental in developing various community-based services in Iowa and Minnesota during the systematic shift from the state hospital system to community-based service delivery system. She is a graduate from the University of Wisconsin and resides in Iowa. 

Kevin Nickerson
ADEN Co-Director

Kevin NickersonKevin Nickerson is a nationally recognized expert on the effective implementation of Employment Networks (ENs) within the public workforce system, as well as within for-profit and nonprofit organizations that serve individuals with disabilities. Nickerson has served as an "on the ground" resource for the U.S. Department of Labor and Social Security Administration (SSA) and its contractors due to his pioneering work at Challenge Workforce Solutions, a nonprofit rehabilitation agency in Ithaca New York, where he was a service provider for nearly 20 years. Nickerson established Challenge as an Employment Network (EN) in the Ticket to Work program in 2001, the first private EN in New York State. Nickerson assisted numerous SSA disability beneficiaries in achieving self-sufficiency through the Ticket to Work program.

Nickerson has been a certified Benefits Planning, Assistance & Outreach specialist for Tompkins County, New York since 2000, and maintains his certification as a Community Work Incentives Coordinator (CWIC). He has assisted hundreds of SSA beneficiaries in accessing Social Security Work Incentives to return to work. Nickerson applied his knowledge of SSA work incentives and the Ticket to Work program in his leadership role as Disability Resource Coordinator (DRC) State Lead for NYS under their Round 1 Disability Employment Initiative (DEI), where each of the 26 DRCs he led also became certified CWICs. During his time providing leadership to the NYS DEI Round 1 project, Nickerson assisted the state in achieving significant outcomes under the Ticket to Work program. Under the DPN initiative, Nickerson co-developed a 30-Second Training strategy to educate and provide resources to staff on serving and accommodating individuals with disabilities. This U.S. DOL "promising practice" has been utilized widely in recent years, and has been identified as an innovative and engaging way to train Workforce Center staff, partner agencies, and employers nationwide.

Currently, Nickerson works for National Disability Institute (NDI) primarily as Co-Director of ADEN, while also working under additional grants for NDI which focus on improved employment outcomes for individuals with disabilities.