Beneficiary Outreach Event (also serves as ADEN Member Core B Training)

August 15, 2018 2:00pm-4:00pm
Timezone: Eastern

Are you receiving Social Security disability or SSI benefits and want to know how working will affect your benefits? Are you afraid of losing benefits or medical coverage if you return to work? Join us for our Beneficiary Outreach Event and learn about these important topics that will help you return to work. At this webinar, certfied and experienced personnel from the American Dream EN will explain Social Security disability benefits and work incentives in easy to understand language.There is no cost or registration, simply join this training at the scheduled time. (You will need audio through your computer or yoiu can call 1-773-231-9226 and enter meeting ID # 148 365 5294.)


Resources for Members

ADEN Members will need to complete an Individual Work Plan (IWP) using the ADEN template below. 

ADEN Members will find the most current materials used during ADEN Orientation and Core Training posted to this resource.

Below is a list of employment opportunities including links to ADEN Employer Partners listed below, who have specific job openings and instructions on how ADEN Participants can apply.

Upcoming Training

The monthly ADEN Core Training C series is available for ADEN Members who have not attended training on the training topics or want a refresher course.