Benefits of Being an ADEN Member

Becoming an ADEN Member is a wise business investment, and the benefits are numerous when you join ADEN. By choosing ADEN, your agency can expand employment services to an even greater number of people with disabilities in your service area and beyond. More people seeking assistance means increased business growth and revenue potential. Existing Employment Networks (ENs) experiencing administrative challenges, and who have an interest in building or expanding their current EN efforts are welcomed to join ADEN. Let the experts at ADEN support your agency by delivering the latest resources and information through ongoing, ADEN-led training and technical assistance.

  • ADEN is the EN of record, allowing the Member time to focus on providing employment support services to Participants instead of on administrative duties.
  • There is no delay in operating as an Employment Network; at the onset of becoming a Member, you can tap into the Ticket to Work program immediately.
  • Members receive quality training and ongoing technical assistance from national experts.
  • Member only Internet access to state-of-the-art resources and secure electronic portal that provides access to records that simplify data management.
  • A customized professional marketing toolkit ready to support your EN outreach and marketing in your local community
  • Billing and distribution of Ticket revenue to its Members is conducted in a timely manner
  • ADEN connects Members with Employer Partners who are committed to hiring individuals with disabilities