Benefits of joining ADEN as a Participant

ADEN is a division of National Disability Institute (NDI), whose mission is to provide a better economic future for Americans with disabilities. ADEN is interested in providing services that lead to the long-term financial stability of each ticket-eligible individuals seeking employment.

ADEN and its Members are committed to providing high quality services that lead to the outcomes we will establish in your Individual Work Plan.  By assigning your Ticket to ADEN, you will be considered a Participant, as we want SSA disability beneficiaries to understand the return to work is your choice, and we are here to help you if you are ready to fully participate in the efforts required to help you achieve self-sufficiency.

ADEN Members provide direct employment services to Participants.  Members represent a diverse background of employment service providers and we welcome beneficiaries who communicate with American Sign Language, Spanish, or English as their primary language.  Even if you don’t see your state listed on the Member map but you feel ADEN is your preferred provider, please contact us.  Many Members provide services in multiple states, or at a distance.

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