Benefits of Being an Employer Partner

ADEN wants to be responsive to the needs of employers and recognizes employers generally want to 1) save money, 2) save time, and 3) make a profit.  Employers are invited to partner with ADEN to access talent that will help you achived some of your business outcomes. Becoming an Employer Partner with ADEN is free, and provides employers with resources and access to qualified applicants with disabilities.

According to a survey conducted by the Kessler Foundation and National Organization on Disability, nearly two-thirds (63%) of corporations' named getting assistance in finding qualified candidates with disabilities as one of the top two most helpful services offered by service agencies, while matching job descriptions to a specific skill set of skills was the second most helpful (53%). Additionally, ADEN can be an ideal partner in assuring compliance in the targeret utilization goals under Section 503 of the Rehabiliation Act of 1973, which directs Federal contacts to incresase the hiring of qualified individuals with disabilities, along with the demonstrated outreach to diverse audiences.  Contact ADEN to learn how we can help you best meet your workforce needs. 

  • ADEN seeks to work closely with employers who hold federal contracts in order to assist them in achieving compliance with Federal rules, such as Section 503.
  • ADEN continually recruit new talent creating a pipeline of skilled workers available to our Employer Partners.
  • ADEN will provide employers a platform to post job announcements that will be specifically targeted toward individuals with disabilities.
  • ADEN Members are available across the country to assist you in supporting employees with disabilities.
  • ADEN Employer Partners are recognized with a “partner logo” that you may display to the public indicating you are engaged in actively recruiting and hiring qualified individuals with disabilities.