Resources to build continuity of the delivery of ADEN Core Services by Members will be selected and shared by ADEN Directors with ADEN Members. The Member resources will include tools and products specifically related to ADEN operations and Ticket to Work, in addition to resources related to employment in general and building financial wellness.

 ADEN Member staff who access the ADEN portal  are required per the SSA Ticket rules and ADEN PSA to complete the attached SSA 222 form. 

Work is an important part of most people’s lives. Yet most people with mental health conditions do not work, even though the great majority of them report that work is a very important goal.

ABLE Accounts are tax-advantaged savings accounts for individuals with disabilities and their families. Learn more through the ABLE National Resource Center. An American Sign Language video is also available explaining this new savings opportunity. 

The ADEN & Participant Roles and Responsibilities document can be used to clarify expectations

Bender Consulting, an ADEN Employer Partner.  View current employment opportunties at 

The Benefits Analysis Report (BAR) is used by ADEN Members to prepare as part of the BWIA services for a Participant who receives SSDI and SSI.