Resources to build continuity of the delivery of ADEN Core Services by Members will be selected and shared by ADEN Directors with ADEN Members. The Member resources will include tools and products specifically related to ADEN operations and Ticket to Work, in addition to resources related to employment in general and building financial wellness. A list of all the Member Resources can be found under Quick Links in Member portal dashboard.

The Benefits Analysis Report (BAR) is used by ADEN Members to prepare as part of the BWIA services for a Participant who receives SSI. 

All of the ADEN tools related to Benefits Planning and Work Incentive Advisement (BWIA) services are housed in this toolkit.  These materials are for use only by ADEN Members.

Advise on how to request an Benefits Planning Query (BPQY) from Social Security is provided on the attached document.  This document is for ADEN Members or Participants.

A spending plan helps one budget their money.  This worksheet is created for someone to track expenses and income in an attempt to assist in successful financial management.

ADEN entered into a Partnership Plus agreement with the state of Connecticut Vocational Rehabiliation agency.

Cornell University offers a certification to become a Work Incentive Practitioner.  For more information about classes or to register.