Resources to build continuity of the delivery of ADEN Core Services by Members will be selected and shared by ADEN Directors with ADEN Members. The Member resources will include tools and products specifically related to ADEN operations and Ticket to Work, in addition to resources related to employment in general and building financial wellness. A list of all the Member Resources can be found under Quick Links in Member portal dashboard.

An explanation of EN Payments is given in this training along with how to find payment information on the ADEN Portal.  This training also covered suggestions on how to pull data from the ADEN Port

The Ticket to Work program EN Payment structure is explained on the Payments at a Glance prepared by Social Security Administration.

EN Payments at a Glance describes the amount of payments SSA pays to the EN for qualified earnings.

All beneficiaries need to inform their local SSA field office of the start of employment.  Please use the attached template and attached in the Participant portal record.

The Portal User Guide version 31, designed for Members, provides instructions on completing common tasks and activities in the ADEN Portal.

ADEN conducts ongoing QA reviews of Participant records.  Members can use this checklist to assure the Participant records are completed as required by ADEN.