Employment and Disability

Employment Services & Financial Resources Guide

This guide, given to all ADEN Participants, lists recommended resources for employment services plus available financial resources. 

Job Board

Below is a list of employment opportunities including links to ADEN Employer Partners below, who have specific job openings and instructions on how ADEN Participants can apply.


Other Job Announcements

Below are links to job opening announcements from employers across the United States who have indicated they have an interest in employing individuals with disabilities. 

Disability Awareness

Created by JAN (Job Accommodation Network), a national resource invested in increasing the employment of individuals with disabilities, this 27 minute training module provides technical assistance on how to increase your comfort, confidence, and competence through disability awareness. To view click on Disability Awareness to Increase Your Comfort, Confidence, and Competence.

Federal Government Employment Tips

The Federal goverment has initiatives and goals to hire qualified personnel who have a disability. The employment application process is different when applying for a federal job and have a documented disability.

Seventh Sense Consulting

Seventh Sense Consulting is an ADEN Employer Partner. Go to the website to find open positions and apply.  Participant can choose to self indentify their disability at the time of application.  ADEN Members are invited to email Michael Asuncion (

Motivational Resources for Participants

ADEN Members may determine that a Participant has encountered various setbacks or has expressed a discouraging disposition. Members may want to consider sharing the following document of resources useful in motivating your Participants to believe in themselves, and in continuing to achieve their American Dream.


This toolkit, from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy, helps both employers and employees understand the return-to-work process and provides resources to assist in getting employees back on the job quickly and smoothly.


MaxOutreach is a national portal for employers to announce job openings to job seekers with disabiities. To assist an ADEN Participant, a Member can receive email notification of jobs for a specified geographical location and share this job lead with the Participant. ADEN Participants can search job postings on the Max Outreach website using filters.

 ADEN Members are encouraged to take adavantage of the email notification.  Below are the steps for email notifications:  


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