Employment and Disability

Section 503 of the Rehab Act

Attention federal contractors: ADEN has created a summary of information about Section 503 for employers who are federal contractors. Learn how ADEN can assist you in achieving your Section 503 utlization goals.

Tips for Job Seekers with Criminal History

This document provides must know tips for a someone seeking employment with a criminal background.

Tips for Answering Common Questions When Applying for Job When You Have a Not so Common Backround

Some common job application or job interview questions can be tough to answer when someone experiences a disability.  Check out the attached file to get tips in addressing some of these questions.

The questions addressed in this tool include: disclosing a disability, gaps in employment, career change,little or no experience, and more!

Job Accommodations

If you have a question about workplace accommodations, disclosing your disability, or the ADA, visit Job Accommodation Network. This public resource is where you can learn about how to make a request, when to disclose a disability, and accomodation ideas.

Web Resources

Below are websites recommended to support ADEN Members and Participants. If you have a useful website you think your fellow ADEN Members would benefit from please contact ADEN Directors.

Recommended Websites:

Member Shared Resources

With permission granted by the author, the files posted here includes useful tools and resources shared by ADEN Members. 


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