Employment and Disability

Tips for Job Seekers with Criminal History

This document provides must know tips for a someone seeking employment with a criminal background.

Tips for Answering Common Questions When Applying for Job When You Have a Not so Common Backround

Some common job application or job interview questions can be tough to answer when someone experiences a disability.  Check out the attached file to get tips in addressing some of these questions.

The questions addressed in this tool include: disclosing a disability, gaps in employment, career change,little or no experience, and more!

Job Accommodations

If you have a question about workplace accommodations, disclosing your disability, or the ADA, visit Job Accommodation Network. This free public resource is where you can learn about how to make a request, when to disclose a disability, and accomodation ideas.

Web Resources

Below are websites recommended to support ADEN Members and Participants. If you have a useful website you think your fellow ADEN Members would benefit from please contact ADEN Directors.

Recommended Websites:

Member Shared Resources

With permission granted by the author, the files posted here includes useful tools and resources shared by ADEN Members. 


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