SSA Benefits Planning and Work Incentives

ADEN Desktop Guide for SSA Work Incentives

This guide is for certifed BWIA Members to assist in providing BWIA services to Participants. You will find many work incentives included, along with links to POMS for more information.

VCU Case Studies

VCU created two workbooks, one for SSI and one for SSDI that provides you an opportunity to practice applying work incentives.

Core Training (Orientation, Core A, B, and C)

ADEN Members will find the most current materials used during ADEN Orientation and Core Training posted to this resource. The training consists of five (5) separate trainings offered each month: Member Orientation, Core A, Core B, Core C, and Portal Training. 

The information presented for each of the training sessions are posted below: 

Member Orientation

Placement Letter Template

All beneficiaries need to inform their local SSA field office of the start of employment.  Please use the attached template and attached in the Participant portal record.

Success Story Spotlight Submission Form

Periodically, ADEN spotlights success stories about participants who achieved significant progress as a result of assigning their Ticket to Work with ADEN. If you have a success story that you would like to share, submit a the requested information HERE

Wage Reporting to Social Security

Social Security offers online wage reporting service to people who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Social Security Disability Income (SSDI), and to "concurrent" beneficiaries (people who receive both SSI and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)).  The online wage reporting service is available at mySocialSecurityRead more...

Social Security Work Incentives: A Message of Hope for SSA Disability Beneficiaries

Are you a Social Security disability beneficiary or an employer and want to know how working will affect your benefits? Are you afraid of losing benefits or medical coverage if you return to work? Join us for our Beneficiary Outreach Event and learn about these important topics that will help you begin or return to work. 

Social Security Disability Benefits Policy and Information Updates from SSA

Stay up to date on announcements and resources from the Social Security Administration by opening the links below.

ADEN Guide to BWIA

This tool is for ADEN Members who are certified Work Incentive Practitioners and who will be providing BWIA to ADEN Participants. The guide walks ADEN Members through the process of ensuring ADEN Participants receive accurate information about the impact of wages on SSA disability benefits. Using this guide will assist both potential and current Participants in making informed choices about returning to work and how SSA work incentives helps in the transition to self-sufficiency.

Your Benefits At A Glance

This tool can be customized for each Participant and shared with the Participant, providing a summary of his/her benefits. 


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