SSA Benefits Planning and Work Incentives

Advanced Training: Social Security Case Study Using SSA Work Incentives

The quarterly advanced training features an in-depth training on using Social Security Work Incentives.  An examination of a SSDI Case Study will be reviewed to explain the application of available work incentives.


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BPQY Request

Advise on how to request an Benefits Planning Query (BPQY) from Social Security is provided on the attached document.  This document is for ADEN Members or Participants.

Cornell Certification and CEU

Cornell University offers a certification to become a Work Incentive Practitioner.  For more information about classes or to register.  ADEN Members get a 20% discount; you will need to pay selecting the “invoice me” option. Email for the discount request. The certification course offered by Cornell University is available for Members to meet the required term stated in the ADEN Professional Services Agreement for a Member to have staff certified in this subject.

Work Incentive Seminar Event

If you are age 18 through 64, receive Social Security Disability benefits, and want to work, Ticket to Work can provide the support that you need!  Join the next scheduled National Work Incentive Seminar Event, offered by Social Security. Register at or call 1-866-968-7842.

Advanced Work Incentive Training: Impairment Related Work Expense

The advanced work incentive training series features an in-depth training on one of the available SSA work incentives. The training will be conducted by certified benefits planner/work incentive advisors, and is recommended for ADEN Members who have attended the SSA Work Incentives Overview training.  The subject for this training is the work incentive:  Impairment Related Work Expense.

Medicaid Buy-In, WIPA, SSA Office Locator

Needing to know how to contact the state specific Medicaid Buy-In (MBI) office, or WIPA agency, or SSA field offices can be challenging, so Members can use this his tool as your locator.

Social Security Red Book

The Social Security Red Book is a reference about the available work incentives for Social Security Disability Insurance and SSI programs.

My Benefits and Wage Tracker

This tool created by ADEN is for an ADEN Participant to track his/her wages and information related to benefits he/she receives.

Advanced Work Incentive Training - Review of Tools

The training reviewed in detail the tools created for ADEN Members related to Work Incentive counseling. 


Timely Progress Review Guidelines

SSA has described what is Ticket Progress and the expectations defined for each year after the Ticket is assigned. ADEN Members are required to give a copy of the Timely Progress flyer attached. 



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