Ticket to Work / EN Operations

Core Training (Orientation, Core A, B, and C)

ADEN Members will find the most current materials used during ADEN Orientation and Core Training posted to this resource. The training consists of five (5) separate trainings offered each month: Member Orientation, Core A, Core B, Core C, and Portal Training. 

The information presented for each of the training sessions are posted below: 

Member Orientation

No Contact Guidance

Having no contact or losing contact with an ADEN Participant may occur. This attached resource provides guidance on action taken by the Member if this becomes a problem. The "no contact letter" template is attached for Member use also.

Member Training Checklist

The staff who work for an ADEN Member conducting the EN operations are required to complete training.  This checklist helps Member staff track their attendance.

ADEN FAQ: Documenting Services

Need information about Documenting Services?  Use this tip sheet.

SSA Security forms

These three documents are needed to begin the process to seek Social Security Administration security clearance. They include: 1) SSA 222 form, 2) Fair Credit Authorization form, and 3) Federal Employee / OF 306 form. An example of a completed OF 306 form is also provided for you to follow as guidance.  

The process for SSA clearance is as follows: 

Huddles: Archives

Members can view the agenda and listen to past monthly Huddles by clicking on the posted link for each respective monthly Huddle. 

For Members who are watching the recording for they were unable to join the live event, please email Mary Lynn (mlrevoir@NDI-inc.org) after watching the recording to confirm attendance.  Members are required to attend the live event or watch the recording within the same month. 

Training Calendar

Every detail ADEN Members need to know about upcoming training can be viewed and filtered for All Member training and New Member training using this customized "read-only" calendar.  Click here to access: https://teamup.com/ksz1y8nymtte527a8s



Payments at a Glance

EN Payments at a Glance describes the amount of payments SSA pays to the EN for qualified earnings.

Portal User Guide

The Portal User Guide version 30, designed for Members, provides instructions on completing common tasks and activities in the ADEN Portal.

Individual Work Plan (IWP)

ADEN Members will need to complete an Individual Work Plan (IWP) using the ADEN template below. 


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