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Washington Vocational Rehabilitation

ADEN entered into a Partnership Plus agreement with the state of Washington Vocational Rehabiliation agency. Washington ADEN Members who have completed ADEN Core Services training will be added as an agency under this agreement. The ADEN Partnership Plus flyer can be shared by Members with VR staff and clients to explain ADEN Services. Below are other resources related to VR Partnership Plus. 

SSA Monthly Earnings Estimator

SSA created this tool as an aide to quickly determine the amount of earnings per month, even when pay periods span over two months.  This would help in determining if earnings are over TWL or SGA per each month. 

Contact and Documentation Guidance and Examples

The purpose of this tool is to assist Members with monthly (or more frequent) contacts with Participants.  Suggested topics to review and examples of documented services are provide and divided into three status: 

1) New Participant,            2) Job Search stage, and              3) Post-employment.  

If a Member follows these guidelines, the Member is in a better position to have success with your Participant, and likely to receive payments for the documentation will reflect the services you provided.  

FAQ Payments

Frequently asked questions from Members about payments can be answered by using the posted resources. 

Core Training (Orientation, Core A, B, and C)

ADEN Members will find the most current materials used during ADEN Orientation and Core Training posted to this resource. The training consists of five (5) separate trainings offered each month: Member Orientation, Core A, Core B, Core C, and Portal Training. 

The information presented for each of the training sessions are posted below: 

Member Orientation

Intake Form

This form is used to collect information during an initial conversation with a potential ADEN Participant. An ADEN Member may have their own intake form in lieu of this form.

Member NDEAM News Release

A new marketing tool, is available for ADEN Members to locally market their EN services and promote National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM). The attached template was prepared by NDI Communications team fully designed and accessible with content that is prepared for Members to simply add their name and contact information.  Once customized a Member can distribute to local media.  NDEAM is celebrated in October, so this tool is time sensitive through October 2019. 

Huddles: Archives

Members can view the agenda and listen to past monthly Huddles by clicking on the posted link for each respective monthly Huddle. 

Members are required to attend the live event or watch the recording within the same month. The respective agendas are attached below.

Portal User Guide

The Portal User Guide version 31, designed for Members, provides instructions on completing common tasks and activities in the ADEN Portal.

No Contact Guidance and No Contact Request Form

If a Member is experiencing difficulty in contacting the Participant or the Participant has voiced a request to limit or eliminate contact due to employment committments, the resources below will assist Members in either situation. 

1) No Contact Guidance: Having no contact or losing contact with an ADEN Participant may occur. This attached resource provides guidance on action taken by the Member if this becomes a problem.

2) No Contact Letter: a letter for the Member can send to the Participant 


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