Ticket to Work / EN Operations

No Contact Guidance and No Contact Request Form

If a Member is experiencing difficulty in contacting the Participant or the Participant has voiced a request to limit or eliminate contact due to employment committments, the resources below will assist Members in either situation. 

1) No Contact Guidance: Having no contact or losing contact with an ADEN Participant may occur. This attached resource provides guidance on action taken by the Member if this becomes a problem.

2) No Contact Letter: a letter for the Member can send to the Participant 

Member Training Checklist

The staff who work for an ADEN Member conducting the EN operations are required to complete training.  This checklist helps Member staff track their attendance.

ADEN FAQ: Documenting Services

Need information about Documenting Services?  Use this tip sheet.

SSA Security forms

SSA Security Clearance for individuals working for ADEN Members using the ADEN Portal will need SSA clearance. 

For new individuals: The following three documents are needed to begin the process to seek Social Security Administration security clearance. They include: 1) SSA 222 form, 2) Fair Credit Authorization form, and 3) Federal Employee / OF 306 form. An example of a completed OF 306 form is also provided for you to follow as guidance.  The process for SSA clearance is as follows: 

Training Calendar

Every detail ADEN Members need to know about upcoming training can be viewed and filtered for All Member training and New Member training using this customized "read-only" calendar.  Click here to access: https://teamup.com/ksz1y8nymtte527a8s



Payments at a Glance

EN Payments at a Glance describes the amount of payments SSA pays to the EN for qualified earnings.

Individual Work Plan (IWP)

ADEN Members will need to complete an Individual Work Plan (IWP) using the ADEN template below. 

Participant Assessment Tools

ADEN has created two resources that assist Members in making a sound assessment if a Ticket is appropriate for assignment and the steps to assign the Ticket.

1) An interactive self-paced training tool that teaches you the steps, along with key information.

2) A logic tree that describes the step by step evaulation to consider if a Ticket is appropriate for assignment.


ADEN entered into a Partnership Plus agreement with the state of Connecticut Vocational Rehabiliation agency. Connecticut ADEN Members who have completed ADEN Core Services training will be added as an agency under this agreement. The ADEN Partnership Plus flyer can be shared by Members with VR staff and clients to explain ADEN Services. Below are resources related to Connecticut VR Partnership Plus. 

2019 ADEN Huddle

The recordings and agendas of huddles starting from Dec. 2018 are found under ADEN Archived Huddles

Members are required to attend monthly Huddles or watch the recording within the same month. 


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