Ticket to Work / EN Operations

Ticket Unassignment

This resources addresses the following:

1) If a Ticket holder wants to unassign their Ticket from another EN, so they can assign their Ticket to ADEN.  (See attached SSA letter template.)

2) Guidance to Members if no contact or loss of contact leading to possible unassignment.  (See attached Guidance.)

3) The steps to unassign a Ticket from ADEN.    

EN Acronyms

The Ticket to Work program has its own language. The most common used acronyms are collected and made available to assist ADEN Members.

Marketing Toolkit

ADEN provides support to its Members' efforts to market their employment services and locally promote assigning Tickets to ADEN. This toolkit consists of various materials for marketing ADEN in general, as well as Beneficiary Outreach Events, and Post-employment Services.


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